Shipowners are faced with a myriad of risk exposures.

Business may be interrupted by misfortunes such as crewmembers being injured, cargo being short landed, collision at sea or the vessel being arrested at a foreign port. During these times, the Shipowners and their P&I providers need people who will look after their interest and will work fast.


During these times, there’s only one company you need to remember — APPANDI.


APPANDI is a member of the Thomas Holdings Group which has been providing over 15 years of surveying and consultancy services in the area of Hull and Machinery and Protection and Indemnity in the Philippines.

We specialize in providing assistance to P&I providers and their Members in respect of disputes arising from the vessel’s operations.

We have the ability to manage any major casualty that may beset our Principals by providing comprehensive investigation, negotiation and claims settlement services.

We are currently correspondents to:

RaetsMarine P&I
Intercoastal Shipowners P&I

Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club


We are also the Philippine representative of the  SEASIA network who are P&I correspondents, surveyors, and claim consultants to:

Arab P&I Pool
AXA Corporate Solutions
British Marine Managers Limited
Charterers P&I Club
Galatea Underwriting Agencies Ltd.
German Shipowners' Defence Association
Hanseatic Defence Pool
Hanseatic P&I
Ingosstrakh Insurance Company
International Transport & Maritime Underwriters (ITMU)
Korea P&I Club
Maritime Mutual Insurance Association (NZ) Ltd.
Markel Syndicate 3000 at Lloyds
Navigators Protection and Indemnity
Octant Charterer's Liability
Russian P&I Pool

Southern Seas Europe Ltd.

Terra Nova P&I Agency
The South of England P&I Association Bermuda
The Standard Steamship Owners' P&I Association
The Strike Club
West of England Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association



May S. Valles
Managing Director

May brings over 10 years senior management experience with one of the largest marine insurance service providers in the Philippines in H&M and P&I claim matters to APPANDI dealing directly with shipowners and their P&I clubs and H&M underwriters on a wide variety of claim issues on both local and International vessels. May has experience covering all the major claim areas.


Paul C. Thomas

Paul has over 35 years seagoing, surveying and shipping practice to bring to the company and specifically over 15 years in marine surveying and P&I claims matters both Internationally and in the local Philippine market. Paul has specialized experience in cargo, pollution, collision with fixed and floating objects and wreck removal claims.


Lorna Thomas

Lorna, with over 10 years management experience in Marine Survey and P&I claim matters brings to APPANDI her experience dealing with shipowners and their P&I clubs on a wide variety of claim issues including crew, injury, cargo and collision with fixed and floating objects.








APPANDI is a member of the
Thomas Holdings Group



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